My First Failure in NUS Dentistry: Year 1 reflections

Photo by Zohre Nemati on Unsplash

This happened back in Year 1 and I still remember this day clearly.

I was studying in the library with my friends when one of them pulled out his phone and was shocked that someone had failed. That someone turned out to be me!

I had to juggle the shock of that with the pressure of an upcoming finals paper, both of which could have caused me to retain.

So after a quick breather below the library *cue how could this happen to me*I got back up on my feet, and focused on the upcoming finals paper before tackling the retest.

Fortunately, I passed! (If not there wouldn’t be my year 2 and 3 reflections).

My 2 biggest takeaways from this was:

  1. I had to get my priorities right. Academics first before all these outside stuff like vlogging/content creation. This also determines my free time outside of academics and removes the unnecessary pressure I would get from not doing well.
  2. Always treat your friends well! Big shoutout to them for always being there for me during, I would say, my toughest time in year 1. They willingly extended a helping hand to help me prepare for the retest, which was an oral exam. So you needed someone to talk to to put your answers into words.

I actually made a video about this.

It was one of my first few videos and my audio isnt great, but I have added subtitles to help! It would be greatly appreciated if you show some love for it! It means a lot to me



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